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compositing & finishing 

combining elements from CGI or other stuff with live action, to create the perfect illusion.

Or just retouch and finishing, that everything looks beautiful.

what i do 

vfx - supervision


project coordination

as VFX Supervisor i supervise the production together with the VFX Producer during preproduction, shooting and post-production. My tasks here are the creation of VFX design (idea and design of the effects), the pre-visualization (Previz), the planning and implementation of the effects, the selection of VFX companies and employees, the supervision during the shooting, coordination and acceptance of all subtasks to guarantee the desired visual quality, while staying in budget. As VFX Supervisor i work closely with the Director, DoP, Producer, Production Designer.

my tasks here are the creation of breakdowns, i.e. the list of all effects in a film, their calculation and scheduling, as well as distribution, monitoring, coordination and acceptance of all subtasks, budgets and deadlines during production to guarantee the desired quality.

managing your team and tasks to reach deadlines and cost. 

I always keep an eye on the calculation and scheduling and look for the right tools for the individual tasks.

Building up color managed workflows and pipelines for the individual job.

my tools 


hardware stationary

• Autodesk Flame

• Foundry NUKE

• Blackmagic Resolve 

Adobe Creative Cloud

• Mocha

• Microsoft Excel 

• Farmers Wife

• Mocca

• Ftrack


• Shotgun

• Mac Studio M1 Ultra 128GB 4TB SSD

• Benq SW321C 

• Blackmagic Ultra Studio 

• ATEM Mini

• Thunderblade 16tb

• PROMISE Pegasus32 R6 48 TB

• DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel

• Soundsystem 

hardware on the go

• Mac Book Pro M1 MAX 64GB, 2TB SSD

• Ipad Pro incl. Setellite Software

• Ricoh Theta S

• Fuji XT incl. nodal point adapter and lenses

• MacBeth Color Chart 

• Laser measuring device 

• Distortion Grid 

• Tracking Marker 

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