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Thorsten "Toddy" Rutz

VFX Supervisor & Post-Producer
On Set Supervisor 
Compositing Artist
Consulting for VFX Postproduction - Postproduction Workflows - Virtual Production
Award winning freelance VFX Supervisor, Post Producer and  Compositing Artist
with over 25 years of industry experience.
Combining strong creative and technological understanding.

Doing High-Level VFX and CG-Compositing,
building up color managed workflows and ACES pipelines.

Me. Past.


Born in 1975 and grown up in Hamburg, I started my professional life in a rather native job as an Energy Electronics Technician at AEG and Airbus. But I soon decided to take a different path for my future career by picking up one of my major hobbies at that time: Creating animations on Atari computers.

At the OTV Media & Consult GmbH in Hamburg I established my knowledge in video production in 1998 including Camera Operation, Editing, Graphic Animation and DVD Programming. After I completed my degree as a Picture- and Sound Assistant („geprüfter Bild- und Tonassistent“) I worked as a Freelance Editor and Compositor in Germany and Bangkok. 

In 2001 I moved on to become a Senior Digital Artist at the VCC Perfect Pictures in Germany, working on Quantel Henry & Autodesk Flame/Smoke for commercials and films. Adding further media knowledge to my profile, I completed a study with the degree as „Bachelor of Arts Media Business Management“.

From 2007 till 2015 I worked for Hamburg based nhb Video GmbH, contributing the company to become one of Europe’s largest and most renowned posthouses. In my position as VFX Supervisor / Senior Digital Artist I carried out a wide range of commercial projects for major German and international clients. Among them brands like Audi, BMW, VW, Mercedes, Porsche, Lamborghini, Opel, Tom Tailor, Schwarzkopf, Henkel, Tchibo, Karstadt and many more.

I moved on to become Executive Producer & Partner in 2015 at juice Hamburg, later re-named to brickbeach. Running brickbeach’s Postproduction, with a pan-European team of 40+ CG artists, 10+ compositors and a design and style frame department, I was able to offer a broad range of creative digital capabilities, create stunning visual effects and design-driven content.

Me. Now.


As a Freelance VFX Supervisor / Producer & Senior Compositing Artist am fully committed to innovative projects and my creative profession. I combine many years of operational, conceptual and strategic experience with a great set of skills and an open-mindedness towards future solutions and creative innovations in postproduction.

Whether it comes to VFX Supervision, Virtual-Production, Set-Supervision, operating as Compositing Artist or leading a VFX team or Post-Producing

- I am ambitious to always deliver fully professional results.


Images arise in the mind, not on the screen. The problem, the contradiction that bothers people so much is the mind. The mind has neither matter nor energy. We only see what we see, because the spirits are there to show us. The spirits may be images or movies.

I try it.

Bilder entstehen im Geist, nicht auf der Mattscheibe. Das Problem, der Widerspruch, der den Menschen so zu schaffen macht, ist der Geist. Der Geist hat weder Materie noch Energie. Wir sehen nur, was wir sehen, weil die Geister es uns zeigen. Die Geister können Bilder oder Filme sein.

Ich versuche mich daran

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